Dutch Private Pension Plan

Such a plan can be a fine financial planning tool. It combines substantial tax benefits with many investment options, low costs and a flexible international pay-out.

Also For Americans

Due to Fatca, most investment institutions in Holland do not accept US persons. But a Dutch Private Pension Plan is still possible for them and a good one at that.

Type Of Clients

We provide our services for all type of individual clients. From employees who do not have an occupational pension plan to entrepreneurs who will have to provide for themselves.

Plan Implementation & Management

Besides talking care of the complete implementation of the new plan, we can also provide the periodical management of the plan. Which is efficient and unburdens our client.


As the Dutch Private Pension Plan is i.e. an investment account, it is relevant that the options we provide include a very extensive number of investment funds from which to choose from.

Personal Risk Profile

The first step is to establish your Personal Risk Profile. We use our own tailor-made 5 page form. It includes 32 questions and provides a clear indication of the profile of each client.

Tax Benefits

One of the main benefits of the Dutch Private Pension Plan is that the annual premium can be (to a certain extent) tax deductible for the Dutch Income Tax and the Dutch Wealth Taxation in Box 3.

International Pay-Out

Expats in The Netherlands prefer to use all tax benefits but often ask: What about pay-out when I might retire in another country? That is no problem. We see this all the time without problems.

Flexibility Regarding Payment

Once you have the plan, there is no obligation to pay additional premium each year. If so desired, you do have the option the extra invest in future years. Perfect flexibility.

Flexibility Regarding Pay-out

Contrary to Dutch Occupational Pensions, which have no pay-out flexibility, you have several pay-out options. Ranging from a pay-out during 5 years / 10 years / 20 years or lifelong.

Pay-Out Restriction 1

The invested premiums create a final capital at retirement age. The pay-out of that capital is only possible as of retirement age. Not sooner as that would lead to high tax.

Pay-Out Restriction 2

The pay-out as of retirement age has a minimum period of 5 years. A one-time Lump Sum or a Flexi Draw Down like in the USA / UK / Australia is therefore not allowed.

Pension Memorandum

We present our advice in a 9 page English Pension Memorandum which includes: quotes selection and comparison, extensive attention for investments, costs, risk coverage, pay-out and international aspects.

Risk Coverage

One of the essential differences with Occupational Pension Plans is the risk coverage of the Dutch Private Pension Plan. It is not based on a substantial guaranteed lifelong amount but investment based.

Dutch Pension System

Besides going into the details of the Dutch Private Pension Plan, we will also explain the essence of the Dutch Pension System.

Quality As Core Value

We have just one core value: Quality. We are passionate about it. It inspires us each day to keep improving our services. As our valued clients deserve and expect.

Boutique Firm: Personal & Highly Protective

We are not one of the big firms. We know our clients personally and value their trust. As their long-term trusted advisor, we are highly protective of their interests. Thus we offer extensive aftercare and respond within one day to questions.

Boutique Firm: Reviews

We highly value our client’s opinion of our firm and services. We feel fortunate and proud to be able to include their 5 star reviews on our site. A great inspiration to always try to improve our services.

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