What is the legal position of your firm?

At the Dutch governmental Authority Financial Markets(AFM) we are registered under license number 12043181.

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Contact Information

  • Address: WTC Schiphol Airport, Schiphol Boulevard 127, 1118 BG Schiphol, The Netherlands
  • Dutch Chamber of Commerce Registration Number: 62820338


How can I become a client of your firm?

Due to compliance demands, we can welcome you once we have received:

  • The signed contract which we have sent to you
  • A copy of your valid passport/drivers license
  • The filled in Client Information Form which we have sent to you
  • The advance in case this is mentioned in the contract.


At what locations are meetings organized?

  • In Holland at our office at the World Trade Center on Schiphol Airport or near the Amsterdam Zuid-As business center or near your office location.
  • In The UK in general at Heathrow Airport or near your office location.
  • We travel to locations abroad if the situation is urgent or if our client’situation requires this.



When will I receive the advice and implementation once I have become a client?

When we accept you as client, we will at the same time inform you when exactly your pension project is scheduled.


What if my pension project is finalized and I have questions about it a few years later on?

As we value long lasting relations with clients, we provide extensive aftersales so you are most welcome.



  • In general a small amount of the total invoice will be stipulated as advance.
  • In case clients reside in another continent, the contract stipulates full payment upfront.
  • 21% VAT is not obliged regarding pension product advice and obliged regarding all other services.
  • S&S VAT Number: NL 0019.74.094B38



If you like to review our advice and services, your contribution is most welcome.
Please send your input to: info@expatpensionholland.nl